There are already many PostgreSQL client interfaces. Why create another one?

With more and more PostgreSQL databases being run in the Cloud, the normal client applications like pgAdmin are less practical in those situations. If your PostgreSQL database is deployed in the Cloud, your tools to work with the database should also be in the Cloud. The are other options like phpPgAdmin that are web-based, but its interface is not that intuitive for new PostgreSQL users. Plus, phpPgAdmin is licensed under the GPL and writing PostgreSQL Studio from scratch let’s us release under the PostgreSQL License.

Why use Java?

Java let’s PostgreSQL Studio run across any OS without needing specific binaries. It’s also the language the original developers knew well.

Why use the GWT?

The GWT let’s us create interactive AJAX applications in Java and then the GWT will cross-compile it into JavaScript. The GWT keeps us being more back-end developers and not need to worry about the front end working across different browsers.

Is there a specific browser I need to use PostgreSQL Studio?

We haven’t tested across all of the possible browsers, but the GWT supports the following browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Safari 5, 6
  • Chromium and Google Chrome
  • Opera latest version

We would love to hear feedback on how PostgreSQL Studio works in different environments, so let us know.

How does PostgreSQL Studio help secure my Cloud database?

If you want to manage your database on the Cloud, you have several options. You can ssh to the server and use the command line psql utility. You can also open up the PostgreSQL port, usually 5432, so you can connect a tool like pgAdmin from your workstation. For people new to PostgreSQL, using psql may be overwhelming so opening the port is the solution for many. PostgreSQL Studio runs over http/s so there is no need to open PostgreSQL out to the greater internet. You can safely lock it down to just allow connections from your known servers.

Does PostgreSQL Studio have to be installed on the same server than PostgreSQL?

No. PostgreSQL Studio does not necessarily require to be on the same host where PostgreSQL is running. It is your choice to install it locally or on another server.

What versions of PostgreSQL does PostgreSQL Studio support?

9.2.x and higher including many forks like Postgres-XL

Why doesn’t PostgreSQL Studio support older versions of PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL adds many new features every release and in the process of doing that, the underlying system catalogs change. For the best performance and to give users the most possible access to features, PostgreSQL Studio uses those system catalogs directly. Supporting older versions of PostgreSQL while still allowing access to the new features is a difficult balancing act so we choose not to support those older versions.

The schema used in the screen shots looks pretty interesting. Where is it from?

LedgerSMB is a complete open source ERP system that leverages PostgreSQL. The screen shots all point to a default instance of LedgerSMB.

PostgreSQL Studio is missing a feature I need. Can you add it?

PostgreSQL Studio is fully open source under the PostgreSQL License. Patches are welcome.